Wisdom Teeth Removal Specialists

Dr. Tom Draper and Dr. Reed Gibbins specialize in the extraction of wisdom teeth and have years of training and experience to remove them safety and smoothly.

Most people’s mouths are not large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, so it is common to have them removed. While some people have no problems, others can suffer complications if the wisdom teeth become impacted, crowd other teeth, or erupt incorrectly. This can lead to infection, pain, and illness, as well as the damage of adjacent, otherwise healthy teeth. In addition to excellent surgical results, ArchPoint Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery places great importance on patient comfort. Even the most nervous patients find they are comforted the surgeon’s genuine care, explanation of treatment and anesthesia options, as well as the overall soothing environment.

When do I have my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Patients are generally first evaluated in the mid-teenage years by their dentist, orthodontist or by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Early evaluation and treatment generally result in a superior outcome for the patient.

Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth:

  • Helps to alleviate dental pain.

  • Prevents damage to other teeth.

  • Prevents or treats impaction.

  • Prevents dental shifting.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction plans are developed in tandem with your referring dentist.

  • During your first visit, we will conduct an oral examination and take x-rays of the mouth to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth. We will also discuss your anesthesia and sedation options.

  • 24 hours prior to your scheduled surgery, we ask that you abide by a few pre-op instructions.

  • During your surgery visit, Tom Draper or Dr. Reed Gibbins will administer your chosen type of anesthesia in the comfort of your surgical suite. The surgeon will quickly and safely remove your wisdom teeth by making an incision in the gum tissue, removing the tooth along with any bone or fragments. They will then stitch the wound shut to begin the healing process.

  • You will rest under our supervision in the office until the anesthesia wears off and you are ready to be taken home.

  • We will provide you with a kit with post-op instructions, a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. Our staff will reiterate your care instructions with your caretaker and/or driver.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

The cost of having wisdom teeth removed varies depending on the number of teeth and the type of anesthesia administered.