Cosmetic Lasers

 ArchPoint Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is proud to offer laser cosmetic procedures as independent procedures or as part of an add-on service.  

SmoothLase Laser 

SmoothLase is a natural, non-surgical method to tighten your skin and give you a more youthful feel and appearance. An FDA-approved Fotona Lightwalker laser is used to stimulate the natural development of collagen in the areas around the mouth, nose, and chin. This active activates a healing process that tightens, tones and lifts sagging skin. It restores elasticity and smooths light to medium wrinkling while preventing future wrinkles from developing. You can enjoy beautiful, natural-feeling skin without injectable dermal fillers.

This is an excellent option for patients with mild to moderate wrinkles and sagging who wish to avoid surgery while still achieving impressive anti-aging results.

LipLase Laser

In contrast to injectable fillers, the LipLase treatment is non-invasive, and there is nothing artificial as patients develop their own collagen in their lips. With several adjusted passes the characteristics of ‘ideal lips’ can be achieved such as fullness, volume, correct balance between the upper and lower lips and a well-defined vermilion border.